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Transform data into revenue with ease through strategic partnerships.

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Maximize Data Earnings with Partnerships

Why Choose Monedata

  • Only partner with reputable and experienced companies
  • Thoroughly test and monitor all integrations in our own apps before release
  • Real-time activation and deactivation of networks
  • Achieve higher earnings per user through our large volume of data
  • Simplify your monetization process with one monthly payment for all integrations
  • Continuously add new partners to the platform to maximize your data's earning potential

Companies Utilizing Data for

Network Efficiency

Improved Mobile Coverage

Device optimisation

Safe and Privacy Compliant

At Monedata, we prioritize the security and privacy of your users, adhering to industry
standards such as Google Play guidelines and EU & UK GDPR regulations.

  • Google Play

Clear and Transparent For The User

Do you want to share data?

Our SDK will not activate if users opt out

Automatically capture basic data in the background without disrupting the user experience

If you already have a consent system in place, it can easily be integrated with Monedata. For example Google AdMob or Ogury.

Easy to Integrate

SDK Available for

  • Android Android
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • React Native React Native
  • Unity Unity


We work to maximize your earnings while taking a small percentage as commission.

+50M active users per month

Compared, they retain:
  • 40%

  • 45% *

  • 40% *

* Estimated retentions, they do not publish data.

Easily Integrate with Your Current
Monetization Stratgegies




Monedata operates seamlessly in the background, without disrupting your current monetization methods.

This Developers Already Trust Us

“I have a good experience with those guys payments for integration I got stable and regular”
Road Soft
“A reliable and user-friendly monetizing tool. It's a 11/10 experience with this non-intrusive way to make some extra earnings.”

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