Monetize your apps

Generate more revenue from your apps by sharing non-personal usage data.
No ads, no purchases. 100% GDPR & Google compliance.

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  • GDPR & Google

    Our SDK strictly complies with Google’s publishing guidelines and we use a GDPR consent system.

  • Passive earnings

    Start generating income from the start. The more users, the more benefits. No ads or app purchases.

  • Single integration

    Share usage data of your apps with several companies using a single integration and receiving a single payment.

  • Transparent

    Our SDK works in the background and consumes minimal resources.


We have years of experience creating our own apps and looking for the best ways to monetize them. We put that experience at your service to make the most of your apps.

How it works

How it works

1. Create account

Register your account, tell us about your apps and where you want us to pay you.

2. Integrate SDK

Our SDK is very simple to integrate with a few lines, and thanks to the documentation, you will have it ready in a few minutes.

3. Start earning

Once integrated, we receive data and negotiate with companies. In a few days you will be generating money!

Monthly earnings

Use the slider to see how much you can earn for your monthly active users. (This information is approximate and varies depending on the origin of the users and how many companies are interested in the data)

Monthly earnings

$0 $+

Thanks to Monedata I can earn money without showing ads, I am very happy with this way of monetizing and my users too!

Mario Pertile

App Developer

Start earning money with your apps today.