Monedata Partners

Last Update: 14/06/2021

We operationalise our services enabling the collections of pseudonymous data available on our costumers "Publishers" apps by our partners network. With the "app users" explicit consent, "our partners" runs an SDK-based technology in the background of our customer "publishers" app to collect data.

All of our customer "publishers" are required to provide appropriate Privacy Notice, disclosures, and consent requests to their users "app users" and abide by the applicable privacy legislation.

Our partners do not collect any sensitive personal information from "app users". They are not able or allowed to collect name, email address, phone number, social media ID, contact list, or anything else which directly identifies individuals.

You can find more information about our partners privacy practices here:

Huq Industries Limited (2nd Floor 58-64 City Rdt, London, EC1Y 2AL, UK,

We collect the following information: Operating System, Date & time, Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy (GPS), SSID (network), BSSID (network), Bundle ID, Device Model, Device Manufacturer, Carrier Code (Android only), Carrier Name, Sim Code, Country, and Locale. In addition to helping us to measure the usage of our app this information is shared with Huq for their business purposes, which consist of the creation of anonymised reports, market research and trend analyses. Data shared with Huq does not contain information from which users can be identified by name and we will not provide additional information that enables Huq to identify you.

You can find a full description of Huq and what it and its partners do with the information collected via our app here as well as details on how to request more information on the use of your data and your rights for editing or removing your data.

Opensignal, Inc (94 Durharm Road, London, N2 9DS, UK,

Opensignal collects data on mobile network coverage and performance. We use the crowdsourced data collected from users’ devices to publish reports and metrics on mobile network experience. You can see the reports we publish here:

Opensignal is the independent global standard for measuring real-world mobile network experience. We believe measuring how the network performs directly through users’ eyes is key to building better wireless networks.

To read more about the data we collect and our privacy policy please follow the link

Tutela Technologies Ltd. (320 - 838 Fort St, Victoria BC V8W 1H8, Canada,

Tutela Technologies Ltd. is a world leader in improving wireless networks based on users’ perspective of performance. Tutela may collect data relating to the wireless network performance your device experiences, in a pseudonymized manner, that may include the following categories of personal information and/or personal data:

  1. Geolocation data. Precise location information (GPS and network-based) may be collected to aggregate and plot network performance on a map to convey coverage.
  2. Identifiers. Device identifiers including Mobile Advertising ID may be collected to help mobile enterprises identify network technologies (e.g. 5G), understand drivers of churn/acquisition, and design effective marketing campaigns.
  3. Internet or other electronic network activity information. The state of this application during a network test (e.g. “in use”) may be collected for data validation purposes. Tutela never sees or records any content viewed by users.

Using this app and permitting Tutela to collect pseudonymous data may help improve the performance of your wireless network and apps. Tutela combines data collected from millions of devices to create reports and solutions trusted by mobile enterprises around the world. This pseudonymous data may be shared with mobile network operators, network equipment manufacturers, and other third parties who use it to benchmark, compare, and understand the mobile industry, design effective marketing campaigns, and plan and optimize their networks.

Tutela never collects your sensitive personal information, name, phone number, or e-mail, and takes technical and administrative measures to ensure data is not attributed to particular consumers. For further information about Tutela’s data practices please see the Tutela Privacy Charter. You have the right to opt-out of data sharing with Tutela. To do so, please utilize the opt-out measures provided in your mobile application or this privacy statement, or visit Do Not Sell My Info.

Beintoo S.P.A.(Largo Richini 2, Milano, Italy,

Upon express authorization of the user, this app can collect and transmit to Beintoo Spa location data connected to the mobile device.

Beintoo is an Italian mobile data company, whose service connects to each device an identification code that allows you to locate the position of the device itself via Wi-Fi or GPS, even offline. If the User has expressly authorized such possibility, Beintoo can receive information on its actual geographical position and on the time the User stays in a particular place.

Once consent is given, it will always be possible to revoke it, by opting out as explained below. The collected data can be used for the profiling of users for advertising purposes, statistical analysis, and attribution. The personal data collected are: Usage data, unique identifiers of devices for advertising (Google Advertiser ID or IDFA identifier) and geographical location (only if the option is enabled on your device).

Place of processing: Italy. Privacy Policy and information for opt-out:

Teragence Limited (35 Ellesmere Road, London, NW10 1LJ,

We may occasionally send and receive small packets of data to your phone to ascertain the quality of your mobile network. We do this through a separate measurement mechanism which respects your privacy. We do NOT look at your app usage or your specific network traffic.

The information we collect in this way is aggregated and provided to our partners for the sole purpose of understanding and improving network, operator and handset performance. If you have any questions with regards to the nature of the information collected and how it is used, please contact

If, after considering the above information, you do not want to the collection and processing of such network performance and customer experience data, please adjust your permissions or remove the application from your device.

Metricell Ltd (The Big Blue, 26 Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5PX,

Metricell Limited are supporting the Telecoms industry with the data and insights to help them improve the way in which smartphone users connect to mobile networks worldwide. To achieve this, Metricell collect mobile network performance data from millions of smartphone user devices. Data that Metricell collects can include the following details:

1. Geolocation data: Precise information relating to the device which is aggregated, to allow the plotting of network performance on a map within our software.
2. Mobile network metrics: To include key performance metrics of the mobile network, such as signal strength, signal availability, latency and network provider details.
3. WiFi network metrics: To include SSID, BSSID and WiFi signal strength.
4. Device statistics: To include connection details such as connected mobile tower name, along with details of device manufacturer, the model and the Operating System version.
By using this app and providing your consent (opt-in), we will collect the above data in anonymised format from your device. This data may be shared with Metricell’s trusted customer base of mobile network operators, wireless service providers, industry regulators and other Telecoms companies through the use of reports and client-facing software, so that our clients can evaluate and make the correct actions required to improve the performance of networks.

Metricell does not collect any personal or sensitive data (names, contact details, address) from the users of our approved Partner applications. In addition, data collected cannot be directly attributable to a specific individual. We take the appropriate security measures, and constantly improve them, to ensure that users stay unidentifiable. For further details on Metricell’s approach to data collection and the practices we have in place, please visit